Monday, June 3, 2013

Little Stitchers

Lately I've found myself spending one-on-one time with a few almost-first-grade girls. Either their interest awakens in the presence of my passion, or my presence in their lives coincides with their naturally occurring interest. Whatever the case, I've been delighted this week to instruct them on the very basics of sewing!

The first requested we make a drawstring bag.

While she worked, I made a duplicate - sample - and gave it to her afterwards as she intended hers for her mother.

The second child had already received some scrap fabric from my stash (low-quality fabrics are perfect for beginning stitches, no?)

We also worked on a drawstring bag, but as this was the child's second project, she was advanced enough to use a thimble!

While she sewed, I began stitching bias binding to my Generations II quilt. I felt the antique top deserved to be hand-sewn both in front and back. With such an undertaking, even a few minutes in between tying knots and undoing wraparound thread adds up. And I just love having that quilt in hand!

I'm feeling a little pre-nostalgic in these experiences. That is, I look forward to a time when I have not only lived moments of teaching daughters and granddaughters to sew but can look back on them. I think it must be the quilt's effect. But it's fun, this feeling of being unstuck from time... I'd like to see if I can get used to it!

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Royce said...

That is great you are passing on sewing to these girls so often these abilities get lost over the generations.