Friday, June 14, 2013

Black and White Blocks - June Goal Met!

Well, if that title doesn't give away the punch line... Don't think there's much more to say!

These first three blocks are not part of the Music City Modern Quilters Guild BOM, but as some blocks don't render into black and white too well, I am using them as substitutes.

Martha Washington's Star - tutorial here. Question:  how often do you actually do something you pin to Pinterest?

Rolling Stone - love it so! Tutorial here.

Sailboat based on this suncatcher. (I prefer taller masts on my ships than other versions I'd seen!)

Finally, I actually did stitch April's BOM. Little bitty hexagons on this one - oh my! I toyed with making a different arrangement of them, but I feel the flower ended up being striking and just cute enough, without being cloyingly sweet.

Oh, and I made some tiny cornerstones from the leftover flaps off my Rolling Stone block! Love 'em. I'm OK with their nonstandard size - adds personality, I think!

Guild meeting is tomorrow! I am excited to see what others made and thankful that I was able to meet my Lovely Year of Finishes goal, even with the earlier time!

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