Friday, May 10, 2013

The Accidental Baby Quilt

Hmm... this one came together all of a sudden! I so enjoyed making the Baby Quilt of Many Colours for my friends that I decided to make a(nother) top to keep!

Awhile ago, I'd pieced that pinwheel chunk and tacked it on a wall. As I was cleaning up some scraps, I pulled it down to start adding to it. Working on this quilt helped me with my Lovely Year of Finishes goal because it allowed me to continually chain piece, alternating between the projects and making time spent at the ironing board more efficient.

I haphazardly threw on scraps from my March (unmet) LYOF project goal, thinking the colours were preselected to blend.

And I'm happy to say, I like the results!

This one's a whopper of a baby quilt - about 53 x 63 inches unfinished. Yipes! Thankfully I have a stack of vintage sheets that should do the trick for backing. One of these days I'll just have to binge-quilt... My wardrobe is filling with tops!

But my LYOF goal for May still isn't complete, so I've started another scrappy baby quilt! I just love the fluid process, making something one of a kind and unplanned, and I love that I can work on two things at once! So refreshing to find a new way to enjoy something I love so much!

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Elaine M said...

Wonderful, full of color. Great size lap quilt.

Sarah Craig said...

I love quilts made using this technique - each is so unique! Whoop whoop for you!!