Wednesday, May 1, 2013

First and Last Day Dresses

Last night I graduated from the School of Supernatural Life. Undoubtedly they were the wildest 8 months of my life. I am forever changed. My life is going in a completely different direction now (more on that eventually). But I'll keep sewing!

Long ago I made a dress for the first day of school. I also made one for graduation - so here are my first and last day dresses!

First day dress (Simplicity 2363)

Hmm, seems to have drawn up a bit! Or my legs have grown longer... you never know!

Last day dress (Simplicity 1804)

I added a hook and eye at the back so billowing fabric wouldn't make me look like I was swimming!

I felt a bit like a river nymph - and certainly there were rivers streaming from my eyes! It will take quite some time to comprehend everything in my heart that has caught on fire these past 8 months, but these last few weeks were particularly powerful. Thankfully I do my best thinking at the sewing machine - and if I have to stop to dry tears as the power of a memory hits in a new way, so be it! Better out than in - and further up and further in!

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