Sunday, May 19, 2013

A Tiny Little Critter

I have a graduation to attend this week and decided to make a hostess gift for one of the mamas. Not knowing her or her style, I decided to make something I'd enjoy!

A hedgehog pincushion using this tutorial! But as the little critter came together, he began looking armadillo-ish. So I added a skinny tail...

And gave him a wooden spool of vintage thread to complete the present!

He has to pose with a dime and a British pound for size because my worldview now spans two countries.

He is made of muslin, quilter's cotton, and scraps from a cashmere sweater I chopped to bits for another project.

Posing him with the thread reminded me of a favorite children's book by Kate DiCamillo.

Tres chic little critter, no? I hope he is well-received! I certainly put a lot of love into him - and a little pouch of rice in his belly to keep him upright.

So now you've seen him, what do you think? Hedgehog, armadillo, mouse, or just a tiny little critter?


Ella said...

Armadillo. Definitely saw it as soon as i read it.

Shawn Stephenson Schumacher said...

Definitely hedge hog once covered in pins.