Saturday, March 30, 2013

Last Minute Pre-Trip Stitches

Also known as "The Post of Incredibly Hard-to-Get Self-Portraits".

Exhibit A:  a necessity for traveling across the pond in a group of nearly 20.

Contemplators tend to require the most time alone to think and recharge. Thus the thought of 3 weeks in another country with so many others makes me quake just a bit. A little embroidered eye mask may be a form of security blanket for me - a way to communicate that I need to be left undisturbed in order to be friendly in the long run.

Exhibit B:  back gap jeans. (Not from The Gap - just that horrid gap between the fabric and the flesh that comes standard with every pair of jeans pulled over my - and likely most humans' with XX chromosomes - curves.)

Well. A little seam ripper action...

A little thimble action...

And voila! No more back gap, and no belts to have to take off when going through security!

It is super-hard to get photos from this angle! Here's an attempt at before/after from the other side.

With three pairs of jeans "edited", my to-do list is nearly complete! Now to figure out how to pack it all... ;-)

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