Friday, March 22, 2013

Going Abroad

I will be spending the first three weeks of April abroad with a team from my School. To prepare, I made a few zipper pouches using my go-to tutorial.

I made a larger one, too! It's about 12 inches square, lined in a bright shot cotton.

The women leading the team are both small group leaders, so I thought it would be nice to give them each a little pouch and encouraging note as we get ready to set out. I only kept the French kitty pouch to go with the larger kitty pouch.

 I plan on doing a bit of watercolor, so I am bringing my brushes. My old brush roll was made (presumably) from a sushi mat and muslin. But not all my brushes fit, so I decided to make a new, quilted roll!

I actually made two. This one was a gift for another small group leader. She also paints and was thrilled to receive her roll (paintbrushes not included) :-)

I made one for myself using my favorite daffodil batik and giant floral print from England Swings.

I love having that extra strap for longer brushes. They all stay in place much better and feel very secure - perfect for travel!

While I'm away, I won't be blogging, but between now and the time I leave I'll try to finish up a few things - like my Lovely Year of Finishes! Gaa! Gotta get to it!

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Royce said...

oh love the brush roll up! I have a big one my mom made me and if it had the top band to hold the brushes in place it would be real nice I might try to tweak it a bit. I know your trip will be awesome.