Thursday, March 7, 2013

Baby Quilt of Many Colours

I had an impulse, and I went with it. My coworker announced she is pregnant, and immediately I started thinking of baby quilt ideas. Finally, I dove into my scrap bins and this is what came together!

The quilt measures about 40x50 inches. Here's the entire top:

I used three half yards for the back and quilted a haphazard spiral in variegated blue thread.

You can hardly see it, but binding is a bright red print from Moda's Stitched in Color line.

We do not know the sex of the baby, so I figured bright colors would go either way. As I finished it, I got in touch with the mama and learned that in her family, nothing baby-related comes into the home until the baby itself arrives! Whoops. Guess I'll be hanging onto it for awhile!


Jo said...

Just wondering how you "quilt" your blankets? I had purchased a "walking foot" for my machine, but it was SO bad quality that I could not use it. Wondering what is the best way to use my regular Singer machine to machine quilt a little quilt. Do you just go about it regular like? Special feet?

Leslie can't stop quilting said...

How sweet Mary....they'll love it!!!

Susana said...

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Me encanta su blog.
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