Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Jacob (Esau) (S)H(r)ug

Such convoluted grammar in a title requires extensive explanation, no?

Well, Jacob is the person who gave me 3 skeins of hippy* yarn, so I crocheted a shrug / wrap / gigantic scarf with it.

But the Esau / Hug part comes in via a School assignment. Succinctly, I dreamed I was embraced by someone with hairy arms, but the dream was one of the loveliest, safest-feeling dreams I've had. As the Genesis story goes, Esau is the hairy firstborn (and Jacob the other twin - see what I did there?). Esau is a quintessential jock, the manliest of men. I interpreted the message of my dream into a coarse wool shrug that I can wrap myself in and feel the security and safety I felt in that dream. After these pictures were taken, I blocked it and now wear it as much as possible! And when I take a breath and close my eyes, I am back in that moment in my dream, allowing my heart to reset to the reality that I am loved, held, seen, celebrated, secure, and safe, and there is no place I'd rather be than in the arms of the One I love more than anyone. Ahhh... dream come true...

*This yarn was purchased from hippies at the Berkeley, CA, farmer's market.

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Royce said...

I really like this. I noticed it right off at the guild meeting yesterday. I like the pattern the big open areas. Excellent colors - very pretty and I'm sure it's oh so comfy and warm.