Friday, February 1, 2013

February Goal

I was happy to participate in A Lovely Year of Finishes for January and meet my goal of hand-tying my Generations II quilt (four generations of mothers and daughters represented in that one!) Originally I thought I'd bind it for my February goal, but another idea seems to resonate more with me at the moment.

It is time to piece my blue bow tie blocks made by the lovely ladies of the Sew Blues Bee! For some reason, piecing this top seems a more reasonable goal than attaching bias binding to a wobbly vintage quilt. These blue babies have been calling my name!

At first I thought I'd mix all the ties up, trying to keep the same fabric from touching, but then I realized I had four raspberry ties to make a single color pop "knot". Well, if I had one "knot" I could have more, so I flipped and turned and came up with a layout with seven "knots", including the raspberry one, scattered haphazardly throughout the quilt.

The photos above are already outdated. If you look, you see one bow tie that isn't - it's just a piece of fabric holding place. That little tie has already been made up in a different fabric, and blocks are set out for piecing.

As I typed this post, I remembered that I cut and stuffed fabric into envelopes for my hive mates while house-sitting with the above rag mop. Funny pup! Little-known fact:  I am most definitely a cat person and have been adamantly anti-dog for years, but since this summer I have come to tolerate and yes, even enjoy, members of the canine persuasion. Go figure!

I'm linking up with A Lovely Year of Finishes!


wobblybobbin said...

I've never seen that quilt block before - I love it,it's very different and I love how scrappy and yet still so cohesive. can't wait to see your February finish!

Alison said...

How beautiful! I love all of the different fabrics! :)