Sunday, February 10, 2013

Fake Fur / Clean Floors

Flattery will get you everywhere.

For example, a friend from school called and asked for help with a sewing project. She is a nanny, she explained, and her charge is undergoing a lot of turmoil at the moment. It was suggested that redecorating the child's room in warm, peaceful colors would help the child's anxiety, and so could I maybe help? Especially since I have such a heart for kids and know how important it can be. And at first she thought she could manage it, but after talking with others, they agreed she needed expert help. Because I am the go-to expert in school, or so my reputation says.

Well. Why not? Maybe I could fit it into my schedule... Let's see what you've got.

Hmm... You need to make a new round cushion cover using synthetic fluffy fur with the original cover as a reference point? Well, I could explain to you how to do it, but there's a zipper involved?  Well... It's probably just easiest if I do it for you. But I'll give myself several days - no rush.

That way I'll have plenty of time to clean in-between each step...

Thankfully I was able to convince my friend that sewing a zipper straight onto fake fur was not a good idea. We compromised by using the wrong side of some scrap flannel.

Ta-da! Perfectly serviceable!

And now I can clean my floor again...

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