Saturday, February 2, 2013

Blocks, Books, and Bags (Oh My!)

I think a more professional blogger would make three posts out of this... but I am not Peter Jackson in reverse (get it - one Hobbit book becoming three Hobbit movies!) so I'm mushing it all into one! I need to catch up anyway.

Let's proceed in an orderly fashion, shall we?

1) Blocks

Exhibit A:  Sew Blues Bee blocks for January and February - done!

Shawn wanted geese in strips...

Susan wanted a six-inch churn dash with a border...

Exhibit B:  Black and white BOM for the Music City Modern Quilters Guild / Sew Red for Women / Burgundy Buttons. This is just a teaser, though, as the February block hasn't been published yet. I am choosing a straight black and white for my version because I love the beautiful contrast and striking effect of two-color samplers. Plus I've told folks for years that my favorite color is "black and white", so I might as well sew what I love!

Exhibit C:  extra Scrappy Trip blocks for a Very Secret Purpose... details later (if I remember)...

2) Books

A few weeks ago I received an email - the sort we ALL want to find in our inboxes - saying "Congratulations, you've won the such-and-such giveaway!" I enter fabric shop giveaways regularly, but this is the first time I've won something from them! The Fat Quarter Shop gave away five stacks of books, and I was one of the winners!

The stack included two magazines and three books. When I looked inside each of the books, look what I found...

Waaa! Super cool! I didn't realize I'd won autographed copies of these books! I am pacing myself looking through them, though, the same way you pace yourself when eating your haul of Halloween candy. We'll see how long that lasts. I feel some binge reading coming on!

3) Bags

Exhibit A:  a new bag to replace this beauty (now faded and stained with multiple coffee spills, busted pen blotches, and general all-purpose grit - really, you don't need a picture). Originally I had intended on putting off creating a new bag, but my School of Supernatural Life small group leader's birthday is Monday, so we girls decided to make a grown-up goody bag for her. I agreed to make the bag! But I had to test the pattern, right?

I used this pattern / tutorial, but instead of following the directions as specified, I watched Martha make a reversible purse and adapted that strategy to this design. I used a shot cotton remnant from my trip to Paducah over a year ago, and the lining is Robert Kaufman Treasures and Tidbits print.

Exhibit B:  a grown-up goody bag! I'm glad I made my own first. This one came together more easily. The green print is Meteor Shower from Tula Pink's Birds and the Bees line (can't get enough Tula!), and the red is Bandana from Moda's Home on the Range line.

I was so glad to have enough fabric in my stash. Thus far I have purchased NO FABRIC this year, and I intend on keeping it that way!

3) Brother

Finally, since this is such a catch-all post, here's a photo of my brother's Christmas quilt in its permanent home.

Isn't it a lovely feeling visiting the quilts you gave away? We really do put a lot of ourselves into each one. And there is nothing more gratifying than seeing someone love a quilt you made for them just as much as you loved making it!

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