Friday, January 18, 2013

Tying Up the Holidays (Finally!)

The very last holiday gifts are soon to arrive in the hands of their intended recipients. Time to show off, then!

First, that all-important recipient:  me!

I splurged at a local yarn shop on a skein of faaaaantabulous yarn, worked a stockinette stitch on fat needles, and stitched together a cowl. Neck-warmer. Whatever. It's my new favorite accessory!

And speaking of accessories, can you guess what is pictured below?

Bow ties! When my brother was visiting last summer, I had the idea to make bow ties for his boyfriend. My brother picked out the pink check, and after several steps in the design process (and a very patient professional bow tie-wearing friend), I decided to make a selection in ginghams and a fun cathedral print. When I revealed them to my brother, he was overwhelmed. I hope their recipient likes them just as much!

Wow. OK. Now my holiday season is OFFICIALLY over! Looking forward to some regular sewing... bee blocks, guild meetings, working on my Lovely Year of Finishes project... Le happy sigh...


Leslie can't stop quilting said...

Love the yarn and the results...beautiful!!!

Royce said...

I just love the bow ties, what is the fabric of the one that is lay out in the front the black and white very cool.