Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Year's Goals

Happy 2013, y'all! I can hardly believe it's here! This year, I've decided to try a fabric fast - that is, I will sew only from my stash and purchase NO new fabric. We'll see how long this lasts... but making the attempt is half the battle, no?

In keeping with such a resolution, I am focusing on completing some pieces that are already in progress. To keep me accountable, I am linking up with Shanna, a lovely gal I first met through the Orange You Glad Bee. The idea is to set one goal each month and complete it. I am pretty good at starting things, but I want to improve my ability to finish. Setting manageable goals will, I think, aid in this process.

For January, I would like to finish hand-tying my latest quilting endeavor:

I'm calling this quilt Generations II. The top was given to me by an aunt several years ago - in fact, on the same visit where I first recognized my features in my great grandmother Lillian's photograph, pictured in the blog header. According to my aunt, this top was pieced by Lillian herself. It has been waiting for a few years now, but right as the new year turned, I decided on a whim to baste it using one of my mother's sheets as backing. The top is puckered, lending it to hand-tying. Before my grandfather passed, he noticed me crocheting and gave me a spool of my grandmother's crochet thread. I am using that to tie the quilt. Bias binding is cut and waiting assembly, and that will be my contribution. So four generations in one quilt!

I began hand-tying the quilt as I traveled over New Year's to visit my mother's family in the hills of Virginia. We especially wanted to visit my great aunt, and I hoped to know my grandmother, whom I've never met, through her. Going with that motivation in heart, the visit was transformative to me. This quilt will ever be linked to that visit and the sense of beauty and identity it instilled in me, and that's all the more reason to make sure it gets done!

My beautiful great grandmother Lillian in the wedding dress she made herself
 Linking up with A Lovely Year of Finishes. May your new year be bright!

P.S. If you look closely, you can see where the Flea Market Fancy line of fabrics draws its inspiration! Nothing new under the sun, no?


Leslie can't stop quilting said...

I love the picture of your Great Grandma....she has gumpshion!!!

Anonymous said...

I love your quilt, but more, I love the story of it, and your connection with your grandmother. She was a beautiful woman.