Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Sneaky Block

Cat's out of the bag. We members of the Sew Blues Bee made sneaky surprise star blocks for our wonderful bee mama Staci!

Each of us chose a color for each block and followed this tutorial. My life has been so full over these holidays, but I could manage one, and Staci is certainly worth that. If you've never been in a bee before, I'd recommend being in one of hers!

Hope y'all had a lovely Christmas, to those that celebrate. I have a few more gifts due in January that are in the works, so the season continues for me! In the meantime, I did correct my flying geese block for my Shire quilt - and saw the Hobbit movie, too! (I've been rereading parts of my Tolkien books to double-check the movie interpretation - and now that that's settled, I'll have to see it again!)

My inner geek is satisfied with the correct number of geese for the rings of men and dwarves. It's the little things, right? ;-)

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