Sunday, December 9, 2012

Blogging in Shorts from the Front Porch

Mm hmm... it's getting towards mid-December and I am wearing shorts and a tank top as I type! Welcome to winter in the South - if it bites, it will bite in January, but for now, the doors are thrown open and I'm happily barefoot.

Before all the Christmas-making takes over my blog, I have one last School of Supernatural Life homework assignment to share.

This week's topic was systematic theology as taught by Dr. R. T. Kendall (brilliant!) His Oxford-acquired PhD was evident in his teaching, so for homework, we were given a lighter load:  just ask God what His 3 favorite things are about you, then create something to reflect what He says!

I didn't ask that question. Instead, I asked Him to show me what to make, then tell me why I made it, and how that answers the homework question. Here are the results:

Pleated apron based on this tutorial (diverging by omitting hot pads and modifying the ties to look, in my opinion, more "finished".)

Fat Quarter dish towels based on my own tutorial (those are prints from Etchings and Vintage Modern, both by Moda, I believe).

Hot pads using scraps from my Orange You Glad Bee rolling stone blocks. These were a great opportunity to experiment with binding - and I bet you can tell which binding technique I'll be using in the future!

So what do those things say about God's favorite things about me? I'll leave that to you to deduce... some secrets shared between friends are too precious to be shared ;-)

I finished the hot pads just in time to "repurpose" an acorn squash I'd left in the oven and forgotten about!

Yes, Virginia, you CAN substitute acorn squash for pumpkin in baking recipes! (Sunflower seeds and diced dried cherries work for nuts and raisins, while you're at it.)

Looking forward to giving a couple of gifts tonight and showing you what else I've been up to!

Happy Hanukkah, y'all!

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