Saturday, November 17, 2012

Some Stitches...

I don't see how people with families do it... take the time to go to school, work, and create on top of it all... I am managing happily, but energy has been redistributed, and I have cut out more and more activities from my life to make it balance.

Thankfully, homework assignments for school always include a "creative component", so here are my stitches from the past few weeks.

Last week we were instructed to put on worship music and create - something, anything - so long as it wasn't there before. This assignment was quite a challenge for me! If I were to create anything, it would be a quilt, but I don't have time for one of those. Pondering and searching my fabric stash, my hand landed on a remnant I've been wanting to wear. My mind raced as to how I could use it, and I finally decided on a skirt. Rather than try out my plans and risk the precious fabric, I made a mock-up for Evangeline the rag doll instead.

I am glad I made the doll skirt first! After considering the results, I opted not to make a me-sized skirt after all. Still, I enjoyed stretching myself - even working in a side pocket in a contrasting fabric!

Since I couldn't very well turn in a skirt with no doll, Evangeline came with me to class. Great timing, too, as an old friend of mine was teaching, and she is used to my hands in motion in most circumstances. Thus, I took the opportunity to embroider Evangeline's face (she had been painted before).

Then I stitched together a makeshift case for my new phone!

Lined in soft flannel - so sweet!

This week's homework was based on Life Languages, a paradigm for understanding how we communicate with one another. We were to create something based on our top three languages. I chose to make a gingham kerchief in the colors corresponding to my languages, and also referencing the cognitive / mental tendencies of my primary forms of communication (get it? Kerchief - neck - head - thinking!)

So now I'm all caught up! The only thing left to do is...

... start decorating for Christmas! (OK, I just had to... 'cause how often do you actually DO something you see on Pinterest? Such a rare event is worth a little bragging, I think! ;-D) Happy holiday making, y'all!

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I love all of your creations Mary!!!