Saturday, October 27, 2012

Molecular Mini / Bloggers Quilt Festival

To those of you popping by for the first time, salutations! For those of you accustomed to me, welcome back!

Following is my entry for this round of the Bloggers Quilt Festival.

Amy's Creative Side

This fall, I am entering a mini quilt created to fulfill an assignment for the School of Supernatural Life. For the sake of those new to this blog, and to those who may be unclear, please understand that this is a faith-based course most closely resembling Charismatic Christianity, so the following description reflects that perspective. Typically I try to keep my blog light on text and heavy on photos, so readers may know very little about my personal convictions. However, I quite adore how this mini quilt came out, and as it just so happens that its story is based in a faith experience, and the imagery may be inscrutable at best otherwise, I am taking this opportunity as an exception.

My mini quilt was created after a week focusing on the power of the cross of Jesus. We were asked to reflect on what God had revealed to us over the course of classes, then ask Papa God for a picture of what it means to be one with Christ - His death, burial, and resurrection. Essentially, the question is, "What did Jesus pay for, and what does that mean for you?" It means much more than a new set of values or guidelines for new behavior, that's for sure!

When I asked Papa God, I saw a picture of two strands of DNA unwinding - mine and Jesus's - then the two coming together. I am one with Christ - I am IN Christ - and He is in me. Jesus's desire was for me to be one with Him (John 17:24-26), and the effects of union with the Prince of Peace and the Way, Truth, and Life are sweet joy and peace.

To create the double helixes, I machine-stitched the strands, then hand-embroidered each of the connecting base pairs. I then appliqued tiny hexagons and embroidered the remainder of each molecular structure. Resveratrol, the controversial "miracle molecule", is the larger, and dopamine is the smaller. I chose these as molecules that symbolize the restfulness, healing, and richness of life that comes with knowing who I am to Papa God and what my relationship to Jesus really is.

I thought a print from Sweetwater's Sunkissed line particularly appropriate and intentionally positioned each element to highlight the subtle text. Finally, to maintain the visual integrity of the piece, I hand-tacked the mini quilt sporadically, as one might hand-tie.

Festival stats:
Name:  Molecular Mini
Designed and sewn by:  MissMary (me!)
Quilted by:  MissMary (me!)
Techniques:  machine- and hand-embroidered, applique, hand-"tied"
Size:  8.5 x 11 inches
Categories:  Hand-quilted; Art quilt; Mini quilt

As I said before, I quite adore how the mini quilt turned out - not only as it stretched me into using less comfortable techniques but also because it reflects a reality I am living with more and more each moment.

Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy the rest of the Festival (return here)!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Block Party

No homework this week, so I was more than thrilled to stitch to my heart's content!

First, I made my "Imaginary Garden" block for Staci. She gave us a lot of leeway. Somehow I got stuck on the idea of creating a wildflower field with scraps of florals, then topping it with lupine flowers like the ones I fell in love with in Nova Scotia when I was 18. They look a little like trees, especially with the bird flying towards them, but I guess that adds to the "imaginary" qualities.

Next I made PattiAnn's gemstone blocks! I can't wait to see her quilt put together. These simple blocks came together easily but I anticipate the quilt will be so striking!

Finally, I finished my last four blocks for my OYG bee quilt! Truth be told, I think Rolling Stones are a bit of a pain to put together (relative to, say, the gemstone block above), so I am quite satisfied to put this project to bed.

Now all I need to do is square 'em up and stitch! Oh, and maybe add a border (pending plenty of grey, of course!)

This is the biggest quilt I've ever constructed, and I'm so thankful for the help of all my OYG friends.

And on that happy note, have a lovely week, y'all!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Kitty Pillow

My homework this week for School was to ask God for a picture for someone in my small group, then create something reflecting that picture. When I got my name assignment, I immediately saw a sleepy pink kitty and decided, based on the warmth, comfort, hospitality and humor that this person exudes, that a fabulous little toss pillow would be the way to go.

Earlier in the week I texted members of my group to tell them I'd finished my piece and loved it, but not to worry as I could still find it in my heart to give it up. But, y'know, as quick as it came together, I may just have to bust out a kitty pillow or two for myself!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Beliefs Embroidered Cuff

*note:  all photos taken with Photobooth

This week's homework involved creating something that reminds me of the truth of how God sees me. My solution was an embroidered linen cuff with hook-and-eye closure.

I especially enjoyed adding the feather details. Not sure I'll revisit embroidery often, but I think this piece is worth it! I'll attempt to wear it for the next 30 days or so and be reminded of what God thinks and feels towards me!