Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Be-All End-All Bag

Lord, this one was hours in the making... in the designing... in the finishing... But well worth it, I think.

I've found myself making tote bags as new seasons set upon me, and this time was no exception. As much as I love my present tote, it has its disadvantages, namely the lack of organization, leading to much time wasted digging. Solution? A whole new tote entirely, and to be thorough, I decided to include a foam laptop sleeve.

Ambitious, no? Like I said, it was hours and hours of designing, figuring, cutting, quilting, piecing... And when I was done, my first reaction was, "AW DANG! I made a DIAPER BAG?!"

Well, maybe one day it will be... Until then, I'm happily hyper-organizing my pens, chap stick, and power cords.

Zipper pen pocket on the front messenger flap

Front pockets including elasticized pocket for power cord and sleeve for folders + clipboards

Side pocket for all-important Nalgene

Other side pocket for keys and phone

Interior pockets:  laptop sleeve with half-inch foam and velcro closure

Interior pockets:  larger space for journals, handwork tote, and  all-purpose purse

Packed out!

Double strap for comfort
I used my precious Tula Pink stash along with a few fat quarters of Joel Dewberry. The bottom is reinforced with denim, and the front, sides, back and flap are all quilted. The flap attaches to the bottom with a giant snap, and after I took these pictures, I added another so I could fold the flap in half when the bag is less full.

Over all, I am wildly pleased with my new tote! With all the design, material, and time that went into it, I think it's worth at least three Vera Bradleys, so despite the positive reception its gotten, I do not expect any custom orders in the near future. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed the process of figuring out the math, hanging it all and slapping it together! And thus far it has served me quite well as my school bag - perfectly, indeed!

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