Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Stuffed School Assignment

Seems every week there will be a "creative component" to our homework. This past week, the assignment was to create a reflection of how we would like to be fathered (theme:  "the Father Heart of God"). In the description, paper media were listed, but an all-important "...or any material you choose" phrase had me at once deciding to do my own thang.

Eagle fathers take turns with the mothers in caring for the eggs and eaglets. They are hunters and opportunist, known for their keen sight and soaring. Though a golden eagle would be larger, I decided to go with the bald for recognition's sake. His wings are partially stuffed with downy feathers I've been finding all over the place - either from aquatic birds or grassland and woodland dwellers. I want to be fathered by a God who is both gentle and kind but also able to teach me to soar to great heights.

As I worked on my eagle, I cackled with laughter, incredulous at what I was creating but delighted at how it was shaping in my hands. Having looked at quite a few bald eagle images, I felt a bit like my grandfather, a former nuclear engineer who takes the same precision required in that line of work and applies it to the intricate woodcarvings of wildlife he creates. He is a master, and I love that, in this slight way, I am like him.

And I suppose that is the point coming full circle - creating something that reflects the way I'd like to be fathered, the act of creating itself reflecting the wonderful ways in which I already have been fathered!

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