Sunday, September 9, 2012

School Supplies

Orientation for School was Friday, and to celebrate, I made a new dress for the first day. I'd fallen in love with this print and bought 3 yards, then determined to make up another Simplicity 2363. Perfect combination, I think!

Oddest compliment I received:  "I love that it makes you look like you have no arms! Erm, almost..." (Don't worry - many other compliments counteracted this one.)

I especially had fun with the lining...

Front / back yoke:



At orientation, we were given nondescript marbled composition notebooks and told we were expected to use them for an ongoing assignment. My first thought:  "Bleh. Cover it with fabric!" So, despite subsequent hints that we will soon be collage-ing the outside, I went ahead and did my own thing.

This way I can take some of my favorite blues with me to school and be reminded of all my sweet Bee mates! Now to scrounge for blue ink pens to fill the pages...

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Barb said...

Great job!!! looks very comfortable!