Monday, September 3, 2012

Gift for a Baby Brit

My friends are having a baby! Mama is from London, so when a friend in the Sew Blues Bee wanted teacup blocks, I was inspired to turn my "practice" blocks into a gift for them!

Their baby shower was very fancy, but the couple loved the bibs, and I was gratified that they were passed around, examined, approved, and I was asked about an etsy shop (nope, not at the moment). This same couple received a quilt from me as their wedding gift, so I was happy to add a few more quilting stitches to honor their new addition. British Mama's green card arrived a few days before the shower, so the family will stay in the States for awhile. Although I'm sure it can't entirely subdue homesickness, I think it's lovely that she should relocate to another region of the world with a strong tea culture - though it would have been harder to render a tumbler of sweet tea on a baby bib.

In other news, it is exactly one week before I start classes parttime. I have two sewing projects to attack and finish between now and then and hope to finish at least one today. Hope you enjoy your Labor Day and find it, despite the name, quite restful and refreshing!


Barb said...

Now that is soooooooooooo clever, they turned out darling!!

Staci said...

These are just darling, what a great way to use this cute cute block!