Saturday, September 29, 2012

A is for Apple

A is for apple...

B is for bibs...

C is for crowns...

... all given as gifts!

My school instructors are expecting their first baby boy in November, and I wanted to make something celebratory! The husband has a background in computer programming and is an all-around Mac fan, so I thought the Apple logo appropriate for a few bibs.

Baby's two elder sisters are ages 5 and 3. They seem to be in princess phases, so I wanted to make a gift for them, too, in hopes that they could feel celebrated in the midst of all the fuss over the coming brother. I used The Long Thread's crown pattern, modified because I lined them in batting, not interfacing, and hand-stitched a few sequins and beads.

Mama and papa were thrilled and imagined future Instagram photos. I look forward to meeting the little one (stay in there awhile longer, Sir!) and celebrating him further when he comes!