Thursday, August 30, 2012

Three Seam Curtain

Can you tell what's wrong with the picture below? (Hint:  clue is in the title...)

And by "wrong" I mean "glaringly disparate style item".

Ew, gross. Nondescript polyester curtain that came with the house has been an eyesore for a long while, but I didn't really know what to replace it with until I was strolling through a favorite shop this weekend. Suddenly sighting a basket of dinner napkins on sale, I was struck with inspiration and knew exactly what to do!

This was my process:

1) Choose 3 funky cotton napkins roughly the same size and preferably on sale. Remove tags.

2) Pin and sew together, overlapping side seams.

3) Determine the width of your curtain rod, fold down the appropriate measurement on one long side of your (now) 3-piece rectangle, and sew down.

Voila. Eyesore gone, replaced with bohemian-eclectic-comfy-chic-spicy-original sassiness!

What with my roommate's paintings, my crocheted throw, and a couple of thermoplastic rhinoceropts masks, I think the new window dressing is right at home. Now to pop that polyester in the bin where it belongs! (Good riddance!)

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