Monday, August 13, 2012

Scrap Swap!

It is so hard to believe my first bee is over! Being part of Orange You Glad has been such a wonderful experience in so many ways. I wasn't the only person to think so, and so to celebrate, we had one last hurrah. Wonderful bee mama Staci organized a secret scrap swap, and these were the rules:

1) Get together a nice set of scraps.

2) Secretly your scraps to someone (each was assigned a name) and be surprised who sends scraps to you!

3) Make a small something (or somethings!) for someone ELSE (name also assigned) and then send your present to them! If you need to add anything (in my case, a bit of pink, black and white) feel free.

My sophisticated photo-taking set-up includes my mirrored closet doors! Ha!

4) Be surprised to receive the gift someone secretly made for you!

I'm spoilt. Not only did I receive Sally's amazing batik scraps, but I also had a blast making a birdie pincushion and MY FIRST MINI-QUILT for Tiffany and then receiving a treasure trove of notions and fat quarters in a beautiful handwork tote from Margaret! What a wonderful way to close out such a rich, nourishing, stretching and growing and cheerily creative year with unforgettable friends. Here's to many more adventures together in quilts!

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