Sunday, August 19, 2012

August Blues and an Orange Update

August is my month for the Sew Blues Bee. I was a bit late sending out fabric, then one of the packages was returned, then several of the ladies who DID get their packages actually finished their blocks before I'd even made a sample! I've been sewing in little snatches, trying to catch up, and gleefully receiving back beautiful blocks.

Just had to share one of the envelopes that came back - that's me as a superhero-in-training ;-)

After making the Wrought Iron Quilt for my friend's wedding, I decided I wanted a bow tie quilt, too, so that's what I chose for my month! The Sew Blues ladies have been wonderful at making these blocks and sending them back!

Teri is the other lady of the month. Her block is pictured below, resting atop some extra bow ties I've been receiving.

I've also been working on my Orange You Glad blocks. When I sent out fabric, I included enough for everyone to make 2 blocks if they chose. Some chose not to, and I wanted to make a few more myself anyhow. I've been making progress there, too, and love how it is coming together!

Maybe I'll finish it in time to be a Christmas present to myself... it is late August, after all, and time to be thinking about gift-making ;-) Happy sewing, y'all!

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Leslie can't stop quilting said...

These are both going to be so cool!! I love your fabrics and block patterns!! Great choices!!