Thursday, August 30, 2012

Three Seam Curtain

Can you tell what's wrong with the picture below? (Hint:  clue is in the title...)

And by "wrong" I mean "glaringly disparate style item".

Ew, gross. Nondescript polyester curtain that came with the house has been an eyesore for a long while, but I didn't really know what to replace it with until I was strolling through a favorite shop this weekend. Suddenly sighting a basket of dinner napkins on sale, I was struck with inspiration and knew exactly what to do!

This was my process:

1) Choose 3 funky cotton napkins roughly the same size and preferably on sale. Remove tags.

2) Pin and sew together, overlapping side seams.

3) Determine the width of your curtain rod, fold down the appropriate measurement on one long side of your (now) 3-piece rectangle, and sew down.

Voila. Eyesore gone, replaced with bohemian-eclectic-comfy-chic-spicy-original sassiness!

What with my roommate's paintings, my crocheted throw, and a couple of thermoplastic rhinoceropts masks, I think the new window dressing is right at home. Now to pop that polyester in the bin where it belongs! (Good riddance!)

Sunday, August 19, 2012

August Blues and an Orange Update

August is my month for the Sew Blues Bee. I was a bit late sending out fabric, then one of the packages was returned, then several of the ladies who DID get their packages actually finished their blocks before I'd even made a sample! I've been sewing in little snatches, trying to catch up, and gleefully receiving back beautiful blocks.

Just had to share one of the envelopes that came back - that's me as a superhero-in-training ;-)

After making the Wrought Iron Quilt for my friend's wedding, I decided I wanted a bow tie quilt, too, so that's what I chose for my month! The Sew Blues ladies have been wonderful at making these blocks and sending them back!

Teri is the other lady of the month. Her block is pictured below, resting atop some extra bow ties I've been receiving.

I've also been working on my Orange You Glad blocks. When I sent out fabric, I included enough for everyone to make 2 blocks if they chose. Some chose not to, and I wanted to make a few more myself anyhow. I've been making progress there, too, and love how it is coming together!

Maybe I'll finish it in time to be a Christmas present to myself... it is late August, after all, and time to be thinking about gift-making ;-) Happy sewing, y'all!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Scrap Swap!

It is so hard to believe my first bee is over! Being part of Orange You Glad has been such a wonderful experience in so many ways. I wasn't the only person to think so, and so to celebrate, we had one last hurrah. Wonderful bee mama Staci organized a secret scrap swap, and these were the rules:

1) Get together a nice set of scraps.

2) Secretly your scraps to someone (each was assigned a name) and be surprised who sends scraps to you!

3) Make a small something (or somethings!) for someone ELSE (name also assigned) and then send your present to them! If you need to add anything (in my case, a bit of pink, black and white) feel free.

My sophisticated photo-taking set-up includes my mirrored closet doors! Ha!

4) Be surprised to receive the gift someone secretly made for you!

I'm spoilt. Not only did I receive Sally's amazing batik scraps, but I also had a blast making a birdie pincushion and MY FIRST MINI-QUILT for Tiffany and then receiving a treasure trove of notions and fat quarters in a beautiful handwork tote from Margaret! What a wonderful way to close out such a rich, nourishing, stretching and growing and cheerily creative year with unforgettable friends. Here's to many more adventures together in quilts!