Saturday, July 7, 2012

In Progress

My friend posted a photo of a t-shirt that read "I never finish anyth" and commented that it applied to him. Oddly, I responded by attacking a quilt top finished a year ago! Must NOT let that be said about me!

I took over the living room this week and sewed straight lines. Moments ago I finished rolling binding. Maybe by the end of tomorrow I will have a completed quilt! Which one, though?

Look familiar?

Meanwhile the 4th of July gave me time to churn out my first squares for the crochet/fabric afghan I started (i.e. "Fusion Blanket"). If you look close, you'll see I ignored the suggested pattern. I think I'll call that tendency my "signature style".

The fabric centers seem to make the process much more laborious, but on the plus side, I am set for handwork through the fall! Four down, another dozen ready for edging, that makes... [rapid calculation] only 64 to go! Huzzah!

Happy Saturday, y'all!

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Deborah said...

Love your fushion blocks! I decided to do mine with a double crochet stitch. We'll see how that goes!