Monday, July 30, 2012

Summer Hiatus

It's not been intentional, but I've not blogged for a bit. This summer, unlike those past, has left me less free time and more to enjoy during the little free time I have. I've felt a bit like a teddy bear as it gets stuffed - not quite sure how much more fluff will fit, but realizing each piece is fulfilling!

Take, for example, a recent Saturday afternoon. One of my coworkers / friends is soon to move back to Europe, and he invited me to the dinosaur exhibit at the local zoo. How could I say no?

Zoo = no sewing.

Then I learned that I could rent kayaking equipment inexpensively, and being a girl with aquatic tendencies, I carpe'd the diem, tagged along with a photographer friend, and paddled up a bit of Tennessee creek. Treasures awaited in the shallows where I walked the boat upstream, and my friend and I marveled at their beauty in between swimming in the currents.

Photo by Amber Beckham Photography
Kayaking = no sewing.

Additionally, I applied and was accepted to the School of Supernatural Life, a local part-time program focusing on spiritual development. I am growing more and more excited about classes starting - only a few short weeks away! - but applying + acceptance = transition and...

Transition = unknown amounts of sewing.

I am, however, still involved in the Sew Blues Bee, so if nothing else, I will continue making blocks. Here is Cat's block for July.

Sweet, yes? She is making a quilt for her British MIL. Before cutting into Cat's fabric, I made a few teacups of my own, eventually to become a baby gift for another sweet Brit.

August is my month for Sew Blues Bee, so I'll post some photos of the blocks I've chosen. Also, several ladies have sent in blocks from the Orange You Glad Bee. I look forward to posting photos soon. As OYG is wrapping up, there are a few more things yet-to-be-revealed, but other than that, expect a slower stream around these parts, at least until I can get my feet under me.

Thanks for being along for the adventure!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Wild Thing Quilt

This quilt is more "me" than any I have yet made. Now on my bed, it is a reminder that I am not as tame as illusions of safety would have me believe, and the wonder and beauty of it all is in the layers of details. From the seemingly haphazard fabrics to the block design to the setting, if I weren't in on the secret, I could look for a good long time trying to figure out the plan behind it. But at the end of the day, all that figuring is worth nothing if I don't put it to use and snuggle under it. I could go into greater detail, expound on that analogy, etc., but with the work week ahead, I think it's best to break this quilt in with good dreams. G'night, y'all!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

In Progress

My friend posted a photo of a t-shirt that read "I never finish anyth" and commented that it applied to him. Oddly, I responded by attacking a quilt top finished a year ago! Must NOT let that be said about me!

I took over the living room this week and sewed straight lines. Moments ago I finished rolling binding. Maybe by the end of tomorrow I will have a completed quilt! Which one, though?

Look familiar?

Meanwhile the 4th of July gave me time to churn out my first squares for the crochet/fabric afghan I started (i.e. "Fusion Blanket"). If you look close, you'll see I ignored the suggested pattern. I think I'll call that tendency my "signature style".

The fabric centers seem to make the process much more laborious, but on the plus side, I am set for handwork through the fall! Four down, another dozen ready for edging, that makes... [rapid calculation] only 64 to go! Huzzah!

Happy Saturday, y'all!