Sunday, June 10, 2012

Butterfly Wedding

My maid of honor duties are now officially over, so as I sort through the emotions of the experience and let the reality sink in, I thought I'd document a few bits and pieces I had my hand in.

Officially, my bride gave me one duty:  stand by her side on The Day. Other than that, if I wanted to throw a shower, I could. Of course, I did (and helped out in more ways that she knows). I found this tutorial for origami butterflies and taught the ladies how to make them. We made some from starched fabric and crowned the bride at her shower, and others we made in origami paper. Later, I took scraps from the bridesmaid dresses and made a few more for our hair. One ended up on a flower girl, another on the mother of the bride, and I nestled one among my braids.

I'm polishing off leftover key lime pie from the rehearsal and reflecting on all the moments surrounding this experience - friendships old and new, learning fresh dance moves, and hanging from the rafters (literally, as I am wont to do). And just as I was thinking that my wedding involvement is over for awhile, I got a text from another newly-engaged friend... "Wedding planning party at my mom's in a few weeks!" Mm-hmm... here we go again!

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