Friday, June 29, 2012

Adventures in Charm Squares

I'm experimenting with charm squares and getting, admittedly, mixed results.

Under the subheading "SUCCESS!" we have Urban Cowgirl charms in the beginning stages of this fabric/yarn throw. This is a great bit of handwork for meetings and movies. I only have one charm pack of UC on hand, so I'm using white muslin as backing and will cut into some coordinating prints from Moda's Curio line to complete it. I'm thinking Lion Brand Fishermen's Wool for the crochet edging. Hmm...

Also under the same category are two charm packs of Quilt Blocks by Ellen Luckett Baker. Love this line - so many great greys! I added slightly wonky black corners because, well... for the same reason I add spinach and cheese to my frozen pizzas, I guess... Personal touch, maybe? This will be a cute baby quilt.

But this is what it looks like for now:  chain pieced halves of four patches.

Under the "NO!" category we have three Fairy Tale Friends charm packs worked into nine patches. Enh... Something just doesn't do it for me with these. Maybe its the blue? The garish primary colors? The fairy tale character prints? Whatever it is, I am considering either donating these blocks or eventually having a quilt for charity.

Individually they're not so bad, I suppose. I'll let them be for awhile and see if they grow on me.

To end on a positive note, meet my wee lamb, a companion of my sewing space for several years. Shavings, scraps and strings are deposited therein, but he mostly earns his keep by looking at me funny.

Here's to a cheery weekend! May all y'all in this record-breaking heat stay hydrated and healthy!

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