Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Square Knot Blocks - More!

If you weren't aware, I have a giant bedroom that doubles as a studio. Creating is inextricable from every day life! This is what my bed looks like when I'm inspired:

A week and 20 or so blocks later, I laid out the 16 square knot blocks I'd made previously and added in the new.

What is the iPod equivalent of "broken record" or "scratched CD"? If I knew, I'd say, "I may sound like a [insert techie saying] but..."

But I LOVE how this quilt is coming together! (Don't I say that for all my creations?) This may end up being my first bed-sized quilt, once I add sashing and borders (solid black for the former, scraps for the latter). Already know how I want to quilt it, too - eventually. I'm in no rush. Other things take precedence, such as...

This is how my roommate found me when she got home from work. YIPPEE! Alas, the photo does not recall the yelps and hollers of joy, but I'm sure you can imagine. Happy splashy Monday, y'all!

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Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

Dancing in the rain! You know the secret to living life to the fullest. So many people out there, just don't get it. :D