Saturday, May 12, 2012

Quilt Con Challenge Block

Have you heard of Quilt Con? I made the mistake of explaining to a friend, "It's like Comic Con - for quilters!" The subsequent blank stares told me I'd just referenced two genres of geekiness his jock / scanner tech brain did not access. I laughed - and I got excited!

As you may know, there is a block challenge out for the conference, and the Music City Modern Quilters Guild is participating. After a couple of weeks (gasp!) since sitting down to my machine, I decided to attack my block. Thanks to Leah at Burgundy Buttons, a nice stack of fat quarters in Quilt Con colours was delightfully inspiring. I snagged mine from our last Guild meeting, but hopefully she'll stock 'em for the rest of y'all. Bundles consisted of 11 colours of Moda Bella Solids. This is one of my first times working with solids, but what an introduction!

I knew the direction I wanted to take this block. Because of my appreciation for my heritage, I wanted to create a traditional block with my own twist. I chose my Flea Market block (tutorial forthcoming), which seems to be a variation on Weather Vane. Here is the original block, in its original condition, and yes, I did find it at a flea market:

Here is my first go at making my own. This block went into one of the quilts our guild put together for our members who overcame breast cancer. Note all the half-square triangles.

I loved how it turned out - squared and rosy all at once. Having acquired a new approach to flying geese earlier in the year, I decided to try it for the Quilt Con block (process shot below).

Scraps were plentiful once I'd cut the pieces I wanted but they were too pretty to go unphotographed.

The geese were a great choice. Here is the completed block:

Now the only thing left to do is get up the gumption to part with it because, of course, I LOVE how it turned out!


ircabbit said...

I love how you pieced the solids for this block. It turned out fantastic!

Beezus said...

Wow, this is great, Mary. I've put a block together, too, but it's not making me as happy as it did when it was still in my head. Must do a little tweaking . . . :)

Donna said...

Beautiful! I'd also like to compliment your header - love the two photos next to each other! The similarities are wonderful.