Monday, May 28, 2012

May Bee Blocks

May was busier than I could have anticipated - and by "busier", I mean "requiring lots of porch-settin' time". For weeks at a time I could not find it in me to sew. Thankfully, though, things have sifted down a bit, enough to feed my soul with stitches.

Following are blocks from Orange You Glad Bee as well as my first blocks for the Sew Blue Bee I just joined!

For all three blocks, I added bits from my scrap stash. I really enjoyed finding the perfect pieces for these blocks, as well as trying out new techniques (paper-piecing using freezer paper - quoi?)

These bee experiences are stretching me not only as I grow in my art but also in accepting the imperfections and limitations afforded by fabric as a medium. If it were just for me, I might be more lax, but when it's for someone else, I want to do my best, right? So I am learning to be OK when my "best for someone else" doesn't turn out the way I intended - and that whether or not I choose to be OK with it, the reality of the situation is that it IS OK, regardless of my perception.

Isn't that good news? It IS OK and WILL BE OK, even if it doesn't feel like it at the moment. It's a reality that supersedes my perception!

Deep thoughts from quilting, ay? You should hear my garden analogies...

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H2Ogirl said...

Sewing is definitely like this for sure. And in bee's the interactions just floor me sometimes. How one person how they right something can set an entire tone. Sometimes sitting gearing up is the best thing! These are lovely and much more than okay!