Sunday, March 11, 2012


Settin'--that's "sitting" with a Southern accent, for those of you who were unaware--as in, settin' there starin' me down, as if to ask me when I'm going to finish current projects so I can give 'em some attention! Reminds me of that plaintive look a kitty will give by their empty food bowls... Pitiful, no?

Alternately, "setting" applies to quilts. For example, here are my Sew. Happy. QAL blocks without a setting:

And now (partially) with:

The 12th block was a quarter Dresden Plate. As I lacked two blocks to complete my quilt, I doubled up. I really love how the blocks are so different that you don't immediately notice they're the same.

And BONUS! A last opportunity to use all the fabrics! I had lots of fun putting these together. It almost makes up for the less-pleasing aspects of paper-piecing the week before!

Hopefully once she's all put together, I can get some decent pictures in the daylight. Between now and then, I'll have to think of a name. I'm open to suggestions--Bueller?

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