Monday, March 19, 2012

On National Quilting Day

Not only was Saturday St. Patrick's Day, it was also National Quilting Day! Our guild met, all wearing green. Before sitting down to stitch, we had a bit of business:

Totally stoked for this one.

MollyJolly showed and told.

Craftsy blocks of the month were introduced.

A special gift was given.

Then, after a delicious potluck (and musing on a future guild cookbook), we sat down to stitch! My big accomplishment was finishing my Sew. Happy. Geek. Quilt-A-Long top. The others were very tolerant of my periodic squeals and exclamations of, "Oh my goodness, I love this!"

It has a name:  the Frances Quilt. Those who know me know the significance of the name, but Frances means "free", and I love the freedom of print, colour, and design of the quilt. That name just feels right. I'll be happy to piece the back and quilt it!

Afterwards, as a reward for setting those blocks, I started in on my greens.

Those leaves are slight modifications of a pattern found here.

The night before I'd stitched my OYG practice block...

And real block! (Green toenails included for St. Patrick's Day--and as I almost wore orange for Northern Ireland, I find it quite appropriate!)

Hope everyone else enjoyed their National Quilting Day as much as I did! Now to finish those greens...

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