Thursday, March 15, 2012


Four orphan blocks from a bee member, one orphan block from the Sew. Happy. Geek Quilt-A-Long, scraps of white and color, remnants and muslin, leftover binding and blue thread ('cause no other color would keep from breaking!) and I have completed my OYG orphan block challenge!

This quilt is a surprise for Papa T. and Mama J., friends of mine who just had their first grandchild. Papa T. is battling cancer, and we're watching miracles happen as his pain decreases, health increases, and both he and Mama J. are sustained. A few weeks ago, he told of the idea of adoption--how he is understanding what it means to no longer be an orphan in God's eyes--and I knew this quilt was for him. For his granddaughter. For the generations of his family he will live to see.

Because there's always a plan, always a place to fit, no matter how scrappy or unwanted or cast-aside we feel. There is always redemption, always hope, always opportunity for more life! So I bless Papa T. and Mama J. and their grandchildren. May all their children be taught of the Lord and know that they are anything but orphans!

Now, I don't believe in coincidence. So it was purposeful that the very night I completed my orphan block challenge, I encountered another call/cause for orphan blocks.

 In the course of blog-hopping, I came across a call for 6.5 inch blocks to make a quilt for a 4-year-old with brain cancer.

This is right up my alley.

I'm a certified PreK/elementary school teacher, and I get paid to look at children's brains. I've seen how quilts can change people's lives--be a reminder of hope, love, protection, comfort... reflecting in each stitch an investment of time and value, imbuing the recipient with honor and worth... Needless to say, my heart goes out to this sweet little muffin-child.

If you'd like to contribute blocks for this quilt, follow this link for more information. If you've not got blocks lying around, perhaps you'd like to contribute a prayer? That way, when baby girl gets healed, you have the testimony of an answered prayer!

Blessings, y'all. Onward and upward!

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