Sunday, February 12, 2012

Love Stream

This one's for my babies.

It's not uncommon to be sitting in church and an image of a quilt or a block drop into my consciousness. This sort of thing has happened to me in the past and involved some sort of creative endeavor that goes on to be a gift tailored to someone specific. Not this time. Two weeks ago, this baby quilt dropped into my mind, and in record time (for me) I've completed the top. I used a matching yard and fat quarter purchased in Paducah, as well as a few remnants of red, etc., from various locations. Unbleached muslin borders complete it, and I'll use the same in the back.

They say hope deferred makes a heart sick, but when desire comes, it's a tree of life. Whenever my tree of life comes, it is sure to be well-nourished and healthy, fed by loving expectation and confidence in the goodness of God to bring to completion everything He's spoken to me.

And so my husband and children will receive the work of my hands, supported by a heart full of trust, faithfulness, and, of course, love.


Sara said...

Isn't it funny where we think about new quilt designs:)

God is good isn't He:):):)

Melissa @ Sew BitterSweet Designs said...

What a beautiful quilt and a wonderful place to find inspiration. thank you for linking up! Good luck!

Joanie's Quilts said...

Enjoyed reading your message and learning that you were inspired while sitting in church. Your little baby quilt is adorable.

Bright Angel said...

This is beautiful. I love the story behind it.

Michelle said...

It's going to be beautiful!