Saturday, January 21, 2012

Star of the Magi Quilt--Complete!

Last year I made a fabulous yoyo toss pillow for a couple of my favorite people for Christmas--and forgot to blog about it. So here ya go...

That's chocolate wool suiting underneath hand-made yoyos.

But, of course, I had to top it this year. It started with a yard of the print on the left.

Yards of batiks were added once a design was selected...

Then, after piecing a backing from scraps and an extra yard of red, coming out with a wobbly (i.e. not flat) top, wrestling with it through the baby Kenmore, and using the white glue trick for binding, I hand-stitched the last bit today.

And, huzzah, not even a month late!

Please note, this block is called the Star of the Magi, NOT "swoon". "Swoon" is, in my opinion, a knock-off. But the star of the Magi block isn't well known. I only encountered it in an Elm Creek Quilts novel, and I've had trouble finding reference to it elsewhere. However, these friends, as a couple, are collectively known as the Magi, and thus, no "swoon" would do.

note the square print binding

The few bits not left from the backing were used in a pair of birds, my "place holder" Christmas gifts to the couple.

roughly 6 feet square

And yes, that's the Kitty Chronicle print you see. Once it pops out of the dryer, I'll fold the quilt to make sure that print is on top. I am stoked about delivering it--hopefully tomorrow morning!

To make the story even sweeter, as I was fingering a throw quilt around Christmas, my friend off-handedly remarked that her throws needed updating, and she was particularly keen on replacing the garage sale mass-produced quilts (in color schemes other than her taste) currently in rotation. (And for the record, no, she wasn't hinting... too much truth warrior in her for such schemes!)

And as if the sundae needed more than that chocolate sauce, said friend accompanied me for the purchase of the extra yard of red. Seeing the bolt in my hands, she proceeded to swoon (pun intended) and could not leave without buying a piece for herself. She claimed to work it into gifts... but I've seen nary half of what she bought actually used! Perhaps someone loves it too much to give it away? Muhahaha!

As I said, I am thrilled to surprise my friends.

Oh, and bonus:

Some of the Music City Modern Quilters roadtripped to Paducah, KY, today. That's 23 faaaabulous remnants you're seeing. Since I needed replenishing and all, now that glorious albatross is gone from 'round my neck...

AH! Dryer's done. Off for a quick test snuggle before getting this baby ready for its new parents!


Anonymous said...

Mary! That is a BEAUTIFUL block! Aunt Fran

Anonymous said...

Finally!! I've been looking and looking for information on this block. I have an old quilt made up of repeats of this block, all in light pink and green. I thought it was a Carpenter's Wheel or variation, but never could find it under that name. I want to make one some day. Very happy to find it at last.