Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sew. Happy. Blocks. Weeks 2-3

... With a side of psychological self-analysis!

I am feeling perky and full of hot chocolate, Ben & Jerry's, and neuroscience-education reading!

I shall share my joy with you by sharing a few blocks from the Sew. Happy. Quilt-A-Long I put together in the past few days.

Hmm... perfectionistic zombies rearing their heads... i.e. I thought I'd killed that OCD-ish impulse, but those un-squared edges are getting to me...

There's an unintended green-grey thing going on with these blocks. Maybe I'm eager for spring?

Oh, and some Kitty Chronicle print coasters sneaked into my making as a hostess gift for a fellow feline aficionado!

Which reminds me:  having caught two mice in traps in the past few months, do I have enough evidence to convince my landlord we need a cat? Ought I to research pest control services and do a cost-benefit analysis, including average damage to flooring from hair balls and spraying? Or will Roommate and I just pray for favor and leave it at that?

'Cause every quilter needs a kitty, after all.

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