Saturday, December 17, 2011

Personality Type Giveaway Results

Congratulations, Anne! selected her comment as my winner.

And now for the fun part... the results of my little "study"! Here are my rough counts, and by rough I mean I looked over it all once and made tally marks on a grid.

This first chart shows how many commenters told me their Myers-Briggs personality type in four letters. "Valid Data" refers to those four-letter commenters. "Partial Data" refers to those who gave me less than four letters or told me a moniker (I didn't care to match informal names like "the avenger" or "the madwoman" with the types they referred to). "No Data" are comments that opted not to participate in the test.

This next chart shows percentages of each personality type.

Finally, we have the breakdown of each dichotomous variable.

So what can we conclude?

It seems that we are a select population! Several people pointed out that they were surprised by the frequency of certain types that they believed to be rare. I'm not in a place to assert the validity of the statistics to which those commenters refer, but personally I was surprised to find as many fellow INTJs as I did! And the high frequency of introverts over all makes sense, considering that crafting is generally an individual process, a means of escaping and recharging, bound by planning and creativity.

I can't say my data represents our community as a whole. I had nearly 900 page views, and less than 300 comments. I'm no market researcher, but I'm sure the appeal of my giveaway, plus the time cost of taking the test or dredging up the memory of some college class, affected who my participants were. But these are questions for a future study.

Thanks to everyone who participated! I had a lot of fun collecting data and playing with spreadsheets, and I hope you enjoyed my "study," too!


Anonymous said...

Lovely! I think that 10% is my category...hard to make sure with all the various blues. Love all your data...thanks for a fun and interesting giveaway. =)

Tuome said...

congratulations and thanks for a great fun ^^

Joyatee said...

Wow! This is such a great little mini-study! I love it!