Friday, December 30, 2011

Drinking the Fat Quarter Shop Kool-Aid

Y'all heard about the fantasy fat quarter bundle thing they've got going on with Quokka Quilts and the Fat Quarter Shop? And is it any coincidence that the contest runs parallel to holiday sales? Further, is it possible for me *not* to spend some of that Christmas money on fabric? (Thanks again, Mom and Dad! You always know *just* what to get me!)

Well, let's just say in the course of choosing my 12 prints and 3 solids, some of my "fantasy" shall become reality, whether I win or not. It all started with--actually, it's a long story, truly not worth getting into, but rest assured my logic is sound, my sense of stewardship in tact, my budget safe.

Now onto the goods! My strategy involved narrowing down approximately 53 "ooooooh!" fabrics down to 12, then choosing accordingly.

Starting with the left column and working down (not across):

1) Blue Roscoe from Impressions
2) Grey Medallion from Taza
3) Moss Paisley from Secret Garden
4) Fresh Grass Floralism from Modernology
5) Black and White Trellis from Fleur Noir
6) Pearl Lace from Bohemian Soul
7) Slate le Linge d' Epoque from Paris Apartment
8) Midnight Garden Damask from Secret Garden
9) Gray Tiny Florals from Flower Sugar
10) Black Rosie Toss from Annie's Farm Stand
11) Gray Medallion Dots from Lost and Found
12) Midnight Mehndi Stripe from Grand Bazaar
13) Bella Solids Silver
14) Clementine Cotton Couture from Michael Miller
15) Jet Black from Michael Miller

Apparently three winners will be chosen on January 15th. While I'm hopeful, of course, it's been fun to peruse the virtual shelves and see what draws my eye. Now I'm curious to see what others have put together!

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