Sunday, November 27, 2011

Cracked Pepper Quilt

Happy belated Thanksgiving, and happy early holidays!

This Thanksgiving, I was surrounded by family and friends who have received quilts from me in the past 12 months. Somewhere on the road trip home, I realized I'd yet to make a quilt just. for. me.

Not for my hope chest, not for a family member, not for a friend.

Just me.

So over the next few days, I put together my Cracked Pepper quilt. Thus... 


This was my first time to (a) piece a quilt from precuts (thanks, MCMQG Jelly Roll race!); (b) piece a backing (that's lime, y'all!), (c) quilt with a combination of washed/unwashed fabrics; (d) straight-line quilt by sticking and re-sticking painters tape; (e) attain any measure of satisfaction with double-fold binding; (f) machine-stitch an entire quilt, including binding; (g) use digital photo editing with a modicum of accuracy to lessen the effects of compact florescent lighting; (h) make a quilt just. for. me.

I like the little leftover section of Summer House fabric in the binding. I love the black! And I owe this post for the inspiration to tack the back binding with glue instead of fiddling with pins. That was brilliant AND made the whole binding process much friendlier.

So, all told, a great learning experience full of firsts, and, of course, I love--LOVE!--my quilt!

Happy snuggling!

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Barb said...

I love your quilt~~