Thursday, October 13, 2011

Autumn Yarn

I have a hard time sitting and listening and not falling asleep. Sometimes I create projects for myself for this very reason!

Although I am quite new to knitting, I decided it was time for a new hat, and knitted it would be. Behold my first attempt!

If it had a name, I'd call it an "acorn cloche". I only own one pair of knitting needles, and I've never knit in the round, so I made two pieces and stitched them together. Then I took the wacky little rattail, curled it around and stitched it down. Voila! Hat! Maybe not exactly what I had in mind, but functional and funky (off-beat?) nonetheless.

Another yarn splurge involved three skeins of organic cotton. My original thought was some sort of rebozo, but after crocheting through one skein, I realized I needed to simplify.

Last year I made a cowl as a Christmas present. This one's all for me! It's predominantly single crochets and a few rows of double. I'm not sure what that row of windows is called, but there are a few of them, too. Regardless, I love it!

Hope you're enjoying your October as much as I am mine!

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