Wednesday, September 21, 2011

September Bee Blocks

What my garden lacks in volume it makes up for in colour...

I thought the orange a fitting introduction to the blocks I made this month for the Orange You Glad bee! Leslie was incredibly brilliant, I think, for giving us this block. The package arrived full of pre-cut squares, ingeniously luring me into believing the block would be an easy whip-up.

Well, easy is one thing. "Whip-up" is another. All those fiddly HST's to sew, iron, trim, position...

All the effort was worth it, of course. I love how fabulously the blocks turned out, and I am newly confident in my HST skills! We call that a win-win.

I must say, I'm glad to have these finished. I've several projects waiting in the wings, and I look forward to bringing them front and center!

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