Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Practice Blocks

Funny how a change of career saps your sewing time! For the record, I'm loving the learning curve. My coworkers are dedicated, passionate, precise and thoughtful. They accept my strengths and encourage me to grow. It's a wonderful feeling!

But it leaves little time for hobbies. It took me over a week to put together a couple of practice blocks for the Orange You Glad bee!

Although there are two "hives", I'm making practice blocks from each. Thus far, the beginner hive's blocks have been more challenging overall! I'm definitely getting in lots of HST practice. Now to square up bits in the fabrics I was sent!


Staci said...

Your blocks look really great!
Just a little FYI, the hives weren't split according to skill level. Both hives are pretty evenly a mix of beginners and intermediate quilters.

Barb said...

Oh...love your blocks....