Monday, September 5, 2011

Final Marlowe Blocks

Let me give you a peek into my professional life as of late:

June 1:  initial interview with lab
August 4:  HR website posts position I interviewed for
August 18:  position has been taken down, but as I haven't heard from the lab, I check-in
August 19:  second interview
August 24:  job offer
August 29:  first day of work

From the day I began until Saturday, I didn't sew a stitch. I'm thankful to have Labor Day off to make up for lost time! (Hence the rapid-fire rate of blog posting. I have so much catching-up to do!)

I added one more sampler block to my Marlowe Quilt design. I'd seen the Crossed Canoe block in a photo of a barn quilt. The image resonates with me as it recalls memories of canoeing with my dad or kayaking with fellas and family, of peacefully drifting with the current or the exuberant joy of flipping an overturned boat. I felt it would be a great opportunity to work my favorite flower into the quilt as the block showcases fabric nicely.

But wait... wasn't the Double Wedding Ring to be the last block?

Originally, it was. But then I got further along and realized the thing is HUGE! My other sampler blocks are 18", but this one was making up to be about 22"! I was so far into it (and loving it too much) to abandon the block, so I reworked the design, added in Crossed Canoes, and finished my Double Wedding Ring last.

I love it. My cousin helped me decide on the final arrangement of the arcs. For one of my first attempts at piecing curves, I feel like it came together remarkably well! Paper-piecing the arcs helped, but stitching by hand kept it challenging.

I think I'll set the Marlowe Quilt aside for awhile, at least until after the holidays. My machine has been back for a week, but I haven't even tested it out! I'm thankful for a long day ahead of me. Hopefully Kenmore can forgive my neglect!

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