Monday, June 13, 2011

Rescued Batik + Wooden Necklaces

My friend gave me a long scrap of batik from Thailand (I think!), and I knew I had to make something fabulous from it. I was inspired by this tutorial.

I used round and dowel-shaped beads from a back massager I'd found at a thrift store and cut apart. The interior beads were clipped from a mirror ball garland I'd used to decorate a classroom. I also diverged from Martha's tutorial by wrapping and stitching embroidery thread to seal off each bead instead of knotting. I found I got much more length from my necklace this way! And since my needle and thread was handy, I sewed the ends together rather than leaving them to be tied.

LOVING the results!

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Royce said...

cool necklace - love the blue one I'll have to try this