Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I taught a six-year-old girl to sew yesterday. She was intrigued when she saw me working on my Marlowe sampler blocks. As she worked, I finished two more of my eight blocks.

Gentleman's Fancy:

Tennessee Waltz:

I haven't used templates on any of these blocks, and figuring out how they are constructed has been an adventure. I shrug at my truncated triangles, but as a friend pointed out, at least they're consistent!

I was excited to lay out all my blocks! My last sampler block is a Double Wedding Ring. I'm piecing it to paper templates (not sure if that's technically "paper-piecing" or not) and laid out what I've got so far. Looking over my handwork, I feel AWESOME!

In my time at home I've been working on machine-pieced blocks. The first is a trial for my first ever quilting bee! Here is July's block made with vintage and scrap polycotton. I think I'll do a trial for each month, then combine those blocks into a picnic quilt later.

And here is the actual bee block! I've never been so cautious and precise with cutting and seams. Dang! And it still didn't come out perfect! But that's okay. It was a great first experience.

Finally, I've been piecing blocks of pearl grey-dyed muslin for a good friend's impending wedding. To me, he is the total package--courteous, kind, a great dance partner, a whiz in the kitchen, plays classical guitar, concocts delicious cocktails, great with children, well-traveled and works with an organization that rescues child soldiers in Asia. (Honestly, I could go on!) His style is chicly Casablanca, but his dear bride is sleek and modern. When I saw this quilt (tutorial here), I knew I could make both styles work. I'm just beginning, but I love how the blocks are coming together!


Staci said...

Mary, the bee block looks just perfect to me! Thank you for making it!

I am so intrigued by that quilt on the last photo! Fascinating!

Barb said...

What a fun quilt you will have when all your blocks are done!