Thursday, May 26, 2011


Salutations, new followers! I'm pleasantly surprised by your presence and look forward to being a small part of your life!

Mazl tov, Cindy!

We try to mend clothes rather than toss, and when something is beyond repair I try to salvage as much fabric as I can to re-make it into something else! I love the memories seeing the items in new clothes or bags, etc bring up.

Thanks for all the cheery, eco-happy comments! Lots of you are fans of grocery totes. I've noticed that Kroger and Target are starting to take .05 off purchases for bringing your own bags. Sweet, no?

And speaking of sweet, just because it's "quilt-ish"...

I made "cathedral window" hamentaschen! They were such a hit at the farm potluck that the guy who grew up Orthodox asked for the recipe! I just wrote it up for him, so if you'd like it, let me know. Poppyseeds... Citrus... Quilt inspiration... Delicious!

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